Bravely take the next step into organizing and building a coaching program you love with six weeks of live virtual training, peer support and accountability. 

Life coaching


Dear Heart-Centered Coaches


To feel confident in your gifts?

For consistent, sustainable results that fill you and your clients with joy?

To consistently nurture your clients in ways they feel safe, secure and complete?


The biggest lie we can tell ourselves as coaches is that we don't need to be coached.

But the truth is, this is why most coaches fail.


No one understands what you need as a coach better than, well, a coach. 

Coaching Mastery is your opportunity to be mentored by someone with years of experience, from a strong heart-centered space. A coach (just like you) who understands your needs, your vulnerabilities, and meets you where you are.


This intimate 6-week program is designed to amplify your coaching skills, solidify your niche and forge your confidence to accelerate the success of your business. It is a place for you to connect with a group of like minded people for peer support and accountability.  

In your live training sessions you will experience exponential growth as a coach... and as a human.

This is your opportunity to step into your dream of building the coaching business you love and owning your desire to be of service to others.

Whether you are new to coaching or have plateaued in your progress, this will catapult you into a space of confidence, action and Coaching Mastery.

Think of this as an investment in your business and yourself.


2023 dates NOW RELEASED 

20th of February 7.30pm AEDT Sydney time (good for people based in and around North, Central and South America)

22nd of February 11.30am AEDT Sydney time (good for people based in UK and Europe)

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"From the start of the very first session I felt connection and authenticity in the group and it was like I had landed exactly where I was meant to be. My confidence was low when I signed up and it has definitely improved."
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heres what you get...



 Build your confidence with
6 weekly x 2 hour live
online training sessions

This is a small group with a maximum of 8 people.




Be inspired by content that is tailored to your needs and worksheets that support your journey.



There will be a dedicated private Facebook group for you to connect, and share the journey with the other heart centered and holistic coaches.  


I am dedicated to your success. You will have access to me throughout the program and the choice to gain ongoing support after the program has finished.


Maximum group size is 8 people.
The investment into your future success is $990 USD 
"I want to feel confident in my ability"...
Every session gives you the opportunity to practice your coaching skills and observe others being coached. I will mentor and guide you towards using the best communication techniques to create deep awareness and true transformation. We analyse the techniques so you have a strong understanding of how, why and when to implement them, giving you confidence and security in your coaching ability. 
"I want to nurture my client in a safe and secure way"...
You will learn how to implement the G.R.E.A.T. method of coaching to give you a subtle structure and flow to your sessions, while your clients feel fully supported throughout their coaching journey. See beyond their story to create new avenues of growth, action and joy. The G.R.E.A.T. method will also provide the necessary care and boundaries you need as a coach.  
"I want results for my clients that are sustainable and fill their life with joy"... Traditional methods of goal setting can trigger feelings of overwhelm and a sense of guilt or shame when goals aren't met. Embracing our values and setting intentions, we create a pathway to motivation and success. You will learn how to apply this habit changing technique to your coaching sessions by putting it into practice yourself. You will feel joy and satisfaction from successfully achieving your goals.
"I want to feel secure and confident stepping out into the world"...
We will explore what makes you unique as a coach and how you can stand out without diverting away from who you are. Explore ways of marketing that embraces your personality and create authentic messaging to truly connect with your ideal client. Accelerate your journey by creating a clear vision of the future self you're excited to grow into.

About me...

Hi… I’m Debby, a heart centered Life Coach, Counsellor, and Mentor. I have always had a passion for people watching and human behaviour (my mother is a psychologist..!). In my early 20’s, I backpacked around the world for 3 years and my favorite part was being able to immerse myself in different cultures and see how they interact. This gave me a broad perspective on life and an appreciation for the simple joys of human connection. It wasn’t until years later (and a few career changes) when I was able to integrate my passion for communication and personal transformation into a rewarding career. Now I share the wisdom I've gained in my journey with emerging coaches so they can be the best they can be, both personally and professionally.

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If you're ready to start your journey but have a few questions please click here to contact me  directly