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Coaching Mastery is a 6 week live training program designed to give you the exact things you need to build your confidence and get you into the flow of creation and success.

I'm Coach Debby D. and I mentor Life Coaches, just like you, regardless of whether you've just started out or plateaued in your progress. I developed this program to get you confident in your abilities, and most importantly, you get to create a strong foundation for your business that is fully aligned with your values. 

Aren't you tired of feeling...
  • Like an imposter, you’ve got the passion and the knowledge but still feel insecure about your coaching abilities

  • Overwhelmed, not  knowing how to stand out and create a business that is aligned to your values

  • Completely stuck procrastinating about what your next steps should be

I get it, I've been there and I have heard it from so many coaches, who spend far too long listening to that little voice in their head.


No longer do you need to listen to those thoughts of fear.

No longer do you need to guess what the next step should be. 

  • Open your heart and mind to what is possible and break through your own glass ceiling

  • Take control of your future, be in the drivers seat with a clear pathway.

  • Coach with conviction in your skills and witness your clients create magic through their transformation

Now is the time to...

Coaching Mastery is designed to give you all that magic and MORE!

  "My confidence has grown so much and I feel so much more at ease in my role as a coach. I’m trusting in the process more. I feel more connected to the journey.  I also feel more confident in my decision to make a career change and become a life coach as well as just more confident in myself generally.

It’s wonderful."

 So, what are the magic ingredients that make a successful coach?

Female Developers

​It is scientifically proven that one of the best ways of learning a new skill is through modelling. Being able to see for your own eyes how an expert in the industry (yes that’s me) does the work. This is where the true learning begins. 

Then you get to put it into action and practice with guidance and feedback.


Person Using Laptop

It actually doesn’t matter whether the steps you take are right or wrong, big or small, what matters is that you are DOING something. It is the journey that creates success not the step itself. This eliminates the need to be ‘perfect’ and will help you be present to what’s actually going on outside your own head.


Image by Brooke Cagle

Did you know human beings need to have connection with others to survive? However, surviving is not enough, I want you to THRIVE with a peer group of like-minded people who want the same things as you, support, guidance and accountability.

Peer group

"A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you." - Bob Proctor

"From the start of the very first session I felt connection and authenticity in the group and it was like I had landed exactly where I was meant to be. My confidence was low when I signed up and it has definitely improved."


"I want to feel confident in my ability"

  • Every session gives you the opportunity to practice your coaching skills and observe others being coached.

  • I will mentor and guide you towards using the best Holistic and therapeutic communication techniques to create deep awareness and true transformation. 

  • We analyse the techniques so you have a strong understanding of how, why and when to implement them, giving you confidence and security in your coaching ability. 


"I want to nurture my client in a safe and secure way"


  • The G.R.E.A.T. coaching method gives your coaching sessions a foundation of support and gentle structure

  • It helps you develop your own technique and flow that leaves you and your client feeling safe and secure in the coaching process.

  • Learn how and when to use masculine and feminine energy

  • Learn how to have boundaries and understand your scope of work as a coach.


"I want clarity in my niche, marketing, and pricing"...

  • We will explore what makes you unique as a coach and how you can stand out without diverting away from who you are.

  • Explore ways of marketing that embraces your personality and create authentic messaging to truly connect with your ideal client.

  • Understand your offer and pricing that feels comfortable for you.

  • Accelerate your journey by creating a clear vision of the future self you're excited to grow into.


"I want to know the best ways to get my clients results"

  • I provide worksheets to support you and can be used with your own clients. 

  • Gain an understanding of how, when and why to use certain coaching tools.

  • You will learn how to implement the holistic goal setting technique (W.I.S.E.R. goals) for sustainable results.

  • Embrace your values and set intentions, we create a pathway to motivation and success.

By the time you've completed this program you will be feeling like a kickass Master Coach, taking action and creating success. 

Here is what you get...

  • 6 Weekly sessions x 2 hour sessions

  • This program is 100% live and online through Zoom

  • This is an intimate group with a maximum of 8 people

  • Private Facebook group for ongoing support in between sessions

  • Each session is totally interactive so be prepared for some fun sharing

  • Amazing worksheets to support your 'Growthwork' (that's just my fancy way of saying homework)

  • Full access to me during the program via the Facebook group and Messenger. You will have access to me throughout the program and the choice to gain ongoing support after the program has finished.

  • All sessions are completely confidential and will NOT be recorded (so you need to be there - and if you can't make one of the sessions I will catch you up during the week)



$990 USD 

Current sessions are fully booked 

Please click here to get on the waitlist


colouor background 2.jpg

About me...

I was only 8 years old when I crawled into the cupboard to listen to my mother, on the other side of the wall talk to her clients... she was a psychologist. This is without doubt what led me to have such an interest in human behaviour.

But the rebel inside me denied it for years and I distracted myself by travelling the world, having jobs in all sorts of industries and having 2 kids and a fur baby. Eventually I found my way back - to self.


To make up for lost time I've spent years studying human behaviour, Counselling and Holistic coaching and the learning never stops.

I facilitate women’s circles, group coaching and one on one sessions, I also work for one of the best Holistic Mind body Coaching schools in the world and I have been mentoring hundreds of students there for years.

Life is a journey not a destination and I’m making it my mission to get as many Life Coaches out into the world so they can support the people around them. These people need you…I’m not going to waste time dragging out flowery coaching tools that you’ll never use. I want you to have the best and most effective communication tools you can have for sustained results. 

I am a straight talker with a big heart and incredible mind/body techniques to share with you that will get you straight into the unconscious patterns of your client and into their mind so you can rewire their thoughts, feelings and behaviours fast.

Life Coaching is an evolution, not only for your clients but for you too and I am here to support you in that process. 


Imagine for a moment...

Being so proud of who you are, you feel free to share it with everyone, and they are completely inspired by your presence. 

You're having impactful conversations not only with your clients, but your family, friends and all the people in your world

Imagine you've created a beautiful business that is completely aligned with your values

Imagine that level of joy and freedom...

Isn’t this what you long for… what you deserve

It takes one decision - right now in this moment

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