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To support others, we must first support ourselves. 


Are you someone that others turn to for support through life’s emotional struggles. You're a good listener and you want to make a positive impact and be the guide they need to reach their goals. That’s me too!

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I'm Debby, the heart and soul behind Life Coaches Connect. I’ve been in the industry for many years and I’m proud to be running a successful coaching business but I remember the struggles when I first started out, that lack of confidence, imposter syndrome, getting stuck on niching and marketing to name a few. It wasn’t until I got support that things started to change.

It was having someone to be accountable to, someone that challenged me and gave me the confidence to show up in the world FEARLESSLY. I feel more freedom to be me without the worry of judgement. 


Now I have a thriving business and a community of peers that I can turn to for support and with this, my success continues to grow.

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I am a certified Counsellor, Holistic Life Coach and Mind Body Practitioner, also working as a Mentor for one of the best Holistic Coaching Institutions. I have coached hundreds of people experiencing self doubt and confusion, leading to procrastination and eventually self sabotage. I provide the guidance and support you need to be the best coach (and human) you can be.


Thats exactly why I created this sanctuary just for life coaches. But it’s not your regular coaching hub, it’s a safe space to share your coaching struggles and get therapeutic support. Plus, I can help you get your clear on your niche, hook you up with tips on marketing, and show you how to incorporate some holistic magic into your coaching mix. You get all the ingredients to become a confident coach and build the coaching business of your dreams. 

​My focus is getting you through the inner work so that you can get on living a coaching life you love.

'Our connection to others is only as solid and deep as our connection to ourselves'

Brene Brown

"My confidence has grown so much and I feel so much more at ease in my role as a trainee coach. I'm trusting in the process more. I feel more connected to the journey.  I also feel more confident in my decision to make a career change and become a life coach as well as just more confident in myself generally. It's wonderful."


A confidential space for you to connect with like minded people going through the same coaching journey as you. You get to share your experiences, build confidence in your coaching skills and manifest a business that you love.

All with the support of a community of people that have your back. 

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Mentoring, inspiration and support - just for you. I understand you may have the knowledge and awareness to start living more aligned with your values and purpose, but for some reason you remain stuck. True transformation comes from digging deep and doing the work required so you can grow, heal and ultimately change your life. 

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