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To support others, we must first support ourselves. 


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As coaches, we  spend a lot of time working alone. Tapping into a community of like-minded, heart-centered people creates an opportunity for learning and growth on your coaching journey. 

I'm Debby, a leading Therapeutic Life Coach, counsellor and mentor. My dream was to create a space where holistic life coaches can come together, inspire and challenge one another to live in alignment with their true values and purpose.​

Life Coaches Connect is the manifestation of that dream. 

​I offer private sessions and small group workshops, weaving together different modalities and a lifetime of coaching experience to support you on your journey to becoming the best person and ultimately the best coach you can be. I focus on getting you through the inner work so that you can get on with the more practical side of your life.

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"Our connection to others is only as solid and deep as our connection to ourselves" - Brene Brown

"My confidence has grown so much and I feel so much more at ease in my role as a trainee coach. I'm trusting in the process more. I feel more connected to the journey.  I also feel more confident in my decision to make a career change and become a life coach as well as just more confident in myself generally. It's wonderful."



Are you seeking extra guidance, support and mentoring? Would you like to meet with other like-minded coaches to build confidence and connection? 

 This small group program provides a safe and confidential space for you to share the challenges of your coaching journey. Together we use and practice the different techniques of life coaching, helping you build confidence in your coaching style and gain a sense of perspective over any challenges you may be facing.

Guidance, inspiration and support - just for you.

I understand you may have the knowledge and awareness to start living more aligned with your values and purpose, but for some reason you remain stuck.

I will help you identify and release those things holding you back. True transformation comes from digging deep and doing the work required so you can grow, heal and ultimately change your life. 

I'll be there to support you the whole way through.

You are worth the investment. 

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