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Are you talking yourself out of SUCCESS? Does your inner voice help or hinder?

The power of language was brought to my attention this week and how it impacts our relationships with others and ourselves. What’s my little voice saying, about me and about others? What language is it using, and can I adjust it?

I have been consciously listening and noticing the little voice, and I wonder who am I BEING if I listen to that inner voice?

Am I caring and forgiving,

Do I honor my needs and live into my values?

Am I loving?

Am I controlling?

Am I generous with my time?

Am I showing love?

I had to see this exercise as a form of research otherwise that little voice makes me wrong in almost all areas! So, no judgement…

What I realised was that awareness has two sides:

From a personal perspective, with the knowledge and insight we have as a coach, we are often in a self-reflecting state which can create feelings of guilt or disappointment. We notice the things we are not doing and who we are not being in the world. This often puts us in an unconscious thought loop of negativity.

On the professional side it gives us great insight into other people’s issues, and we can easily see what’s going on for them and why. We have great suggestions for them to move past their limiting beliefs. This is the value of a good Life Coach. So why is it so much easier to solve other people’s problems yet still feel like you can’t break your own patterns that don’t serve me? Why do we keep having the same reaction and feel triggered in certain situations?

We see the impact that having a good coach has on our clients, yet we don’t take action to seek support when we need. What are you telling yourself in this moment?

'I know all the techniques and should be able to sort this out myself…'

'I’m a coach and need to be seen like I have it all together…'

What’s your little voice saying to you to ignore the pain or justify not taking action?

When will you be ready to take action to seek support for yourself?

When that time comes… I am here … ready with an open heart and open arms.


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