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Having a moment!

There are always going to be moments – sometimes hours or days where we feel doubts creep in. Perhaps no new clients are booking in or the ones you have aren’t getting the results they want, or you're just feeling totally inadequate.

We tend to make it mean things that are likely NOT to be true…

· I’m not good enough

· I need to do another course to learn more

· Why would they listen to me?

I get it! I’ve been there.

The MOST important thing to remember is that we are building relationships. The critical elements of the coaching relationship is being a good listener, being able to connect, and being a support person for them. There is no one piece of advice that will create a bigger result than a feeling of being heard, nurtured and supported. The relationship you form with your client is the best way to predict their outcomes.

It doesn’t matter what knowledge or experience you have – it matters who you are BEING in the moments you are with your client. Align with your values and tap into the energy of ‘Being in service to others’ and this will open you up to receiving and of giving from a place of love and care. THIS will attract people/clients to you. Not your diplomas, degrees, or certificates.

If you struggle to tap into that energy please contact me for some ideas and tips. You don't need to be alone in this process.


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