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Kickin' it to the curb...SELF DOUBT be gone!

First things first, lets see what self doubt is telling you... that you may need something more. More experience, more knowledge, more connection... what else? It's ok to check in and see if its true or not? But how does it appear in our lives?

  • Does it stall or stop you? Finding yourself procrastinating about all sorts of things?

  • Do you retreat into your 'safe' space?

  • Do you have excuses as to why you’re not taking action?

  • Do you get “busy” doing other things?

Let me share with you some techniques that can move you through it. (I only know what works from doing them myself!)

· The quickest remedy is catching it early as this will enable you to take action and reframe those thoughts pretty quickly. It’s like the 5 second rule...see it, catch it and do something immediately.

· If you don’t catch it early enough (which is usually the case) and you find yourself ruminating with negative thoughts, find the way that works for you to get those thoughts out. Separate them from who you are. Your thoughts are not your identity. Talk to a friend, write in your journal, or go for a walk. Tap into your needs and do something that makes you feel great.

· The most sustainable way (so it doesn't keep rearing its ugly head), is to find what the root cause of your self-doubt is. This option is often best done with extra support and it can take longer but the results are more sustainable. The root causes are usually a mixture of one of these:

  • fear of getting it wrong

  • fear of being judged

  • fear of failure

That list could go on...acknowledge them. It's ok to recognise where your real fears lie. Once you can see them you gain power. This awareness will give you new ideas of things you can do towards moving out of it. Whether you need to gather more knowledge or gain more experience or connect with other people…focusing on one small step (especially at the beginning just to get you out of the funk) is important.

· Taking action is where the real magic happens, you're brain will start recognising you differently and your comfort zone slowly expands. Your confidence will grow, even if it is just one tiny thing change or do each day. What is one thing you can do this week?

Whatever it is you're dealing with, you don’t have to do it alone.

How does self-doubt appear in your life? Would you like some support?


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